English articles
Unity and Interdependence: Joining Together Through Our Crisis
Towards Interfaith Alliance for Rainforest
  Learning to confront fear at a forest monastery in Thailand
Patronage system breeds malaise in the monkhood
Buddhist perspectives on end of life care
Care, Conscientization, and Mobilization:
What Buddhist Monks Can Contribute to the Nuclear Issue
The Seven Factors of a Peaceful Death:
A Theravada Buddhist Approach to Death in Thailand
Thai buddhism in the next decade (Bangkok Post)
New year blessings (Bangkok Post)
Organisations of goodwill (Bangkok Post)
Every moment is new
Open-mindedness and staying in touch with the present always brings a new experience
(Bangkok Post)
Abhisit must be brave and have a vision to bring about concrete change: Phra Paisal(The Nation)
PM Abhisit must be brave and have a vision: Phra Paisal(The Nation)
The path to social and inner happiness(Bangkok Post)
Global warming vs dharma cooling (Bangkok Post)
The real enemy (Bangkok Post)
Fire on the mountain (Bangkok Post)
On living mindfully (Bangkok Post)
Goodness and Generosity Perverted
The journey of life (Bangkok Post)
Buddhists Engaged in Social Development
Buddhism at a crossroads
Embrace death
Helping Dying Patients the Buddhist Way
Integrating Spirituality into People's Politics
Making the best of bad situations
The Dynamics of religion in the age of globalization
Buddhism for the Next Century
Nonduality and Nonviolence
Not in need of 'status crutch'
On the Path toward Peace and Justice:
Challenges Confronting Buddhists and Muslims
Punna for well-beings of individual and society
Reaping what we sow
Be prepared to be treated as you treat others
Slave to our thoughts
Spiritual Care for the Dying
Spiritual Care for the Dying(Short vesion)
Spiritual Materialism and the Sacraments of Consumerism
Spirituality in the Age of Extremes:
How can we the public face the challenge?
Phra Paisal Visalo Monk's life mission is to empower the people
Teaching Children to Make Merit
Phra Paisal's Temple School
The art of eating _ the Buddhist way
The happiness of giving
The happiness that you can grow
The practice of happiness
The problem of fundamentalism and violence in religion:
A Buddhist experience
Think of death, Be happy
Towards a Culture of Peace: A Buddhist Perspective
What matters Thinking about choices
When the world is just a joke

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